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Pirates were free spirited sea explorers. Their spine chilling stories and lifestyle has fascinated people across the globe. If we go inside the costume history of pirates we find that they didn’t have any costume style. Their clothes were mismatched and loose fitting. They used to wear whatever they get from attacking the opponent’s ship.

The swashbuckling pirate’s used to wear anything from their loot however pirates of upper grade had their own sense of styling. Starting from headwear to footwear they were always covered from head to toe with pirate clothing and accessories. Piracy was rough and dirty business which was not accepted by the civilized civil society. Pirates were engaged in hijacking the ship of merchants, royals and warriors for their lively hood and luxury.

For a complete pirate look you need to be accessorized. Along with pirate costume a trendy pirate head, pirate swords, rope, eye-patch and of course good make-up like pirate did will make you a perfect pirate lookalike. Accessories like Pirate swords and cutlass were great help in attacking others ship.  Ocean was battle field for them. Many of them seriously injured while fighting therefore during eye injury they use eye-patch. Enemy got frightened at a sight of higher grade pirate; such was the impression on opponent. Apart from dangerous and dreadful look, right mix of attitude is also necessary to see hair-raising and horrific emotions on enemy’s face.  To enhance your look fake teeth and hooks could also be used.

When we think of pirate secret Caribbean beaches, salty air, wenches, high seas and adventurous treasure hunt stories automatically come in our mind. Here are some costume ideas to dress up like pirate for upcoming events.

• Opt for pirate wench for sexy pirate look. You will look dreadful and noticed by others. For sultry swashbuckler costume make use of layered peasant top dress with a cut on one side showing leg. Add some salt to your appearance with pirate hat and boot.

• Pirate costume for men should comprise of white pirate shirt, brown vest and brown colored tan pants. Some of other included items are burgundy bandana sash and belt to support upper part of body and arms.  For a perfect finish boots are must especially high sea boots.

•  Women had also given neck to neck competition to male pirates on handling the ship and crew. Wear the outfit of dark velvet coat dress with mini style gown. The decorative and attractive work on long laced sleeves give you the striking look. You may become a showstopper of the event.

• Pirate attire that contain head tie, wrist cuff, black or white pirate shirt and vest, belt and boots along with sword and eye patch will give you merciless and fearsome look. Take a sword and put on eye patch, now you are a frightening pirate. Hardly anyone will come across you.

As we already know that pirate didn’t have particular style of dressing so, there is no need to buy expensive and extravagant items. For pirate clothing choose the color options from, black, dark green, burnt orange, white, ivory, purple, red, blue, brown. These are well admired colors for shirt and pants.

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Wear Pirate Dressing Styles

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This article was published on 2011/09/13