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If you're planning to go to a Halloween party as a pirate, then get ready to have some fun putting together the coolest Pirate Costume ever. You'll probably want to swagger in to the party with the complete pirate look - the dreadlocks, the braided beard, the ring knuckles, some heavy duty mascara and your bottle of rum. And, not to forget, definitely with a few, made up, high sea adventure stories. What next? Hey ho captain, let's get to work. Here are a few ideas to turn you into a real pirate.

If you're serious about wanting to have the Coolest Pirate Costume Ever, start with the dreadlocks. You can choose to either go for real dreadlocks or just small braids. You want that disheveled, I've travelled the seas and eaten a few sea urchins in my time look about you. Now, tie a large faded bandana around your head and let it hang down past your shoulders. Attach a thin strap of leather with assorted heavy beads, a few seagull feathers and a medallion. Make sure you've got some gruesome story about how you got hold of that medallion.

Then add heavy layers of foundation, followed by generous amounts of a black eyeliner pencil (kohl), smeared above and under the eyes, and extra smudge on the centre of the eyelids.

The braided beard is something you might have to pick up at a costume shop and then braid into two thick braids. Have a friend add a few random braids and beads in your hair at the same time. As for the moustache, you can use face paint or eyeliner.

Put on a V-neck white cotton shirt, add a buttoned waist coat and then step into some dark pants. If you happen to have pants that fall mid-calf that already have buttons or a large buckle, all the better. Wrap a sash around your waist, and let it drop below the knee; add a few big-buckled belts.

For the final touch, you might want to add some gold-capping on your teeth, or I suppose you could black out a front tooth, but I just wouldn't go there myself. A few skeleton tattoos on your upper arm would be a nice touch. All of these are optional but of course would definitely add more to your pirate costume in effect.

Nope, you're not quite done yet Captain. Now you definitely want to spend some time rehearsing your new disguise. That's all part of wearing the Coolest Pirate Costume Ever. You'll want to swagger through the door like a pirate and get them cruising with you. Hey ho Captain. That's what you want to hear them saying at the party. Or is it Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum?

You'll probably want to decide on how you want to address the guys and gals at the party - maybe you can go around calling everyone, laddie or shipmate. You'll also want to keep your lines to a bare minimum, as you may be competing with a lively undertone if the party's already underway when you get there. Don't try to slip-in pirate talk, full force, like Captain Jack in 'the Pirates of the Caribbean,' who manages to say all in one go: "Have you come because you need my help to save a certain distressing damsel? Or rather, damsel in distress? Either one. Settle for an abbreviated version, such as "damsel in distress, can I get you a soda?"

And if you decide you actually want to go as Captain Jack, you'll also need to know the story of how you were once the captain of the black pearl. And then you've got the added challenge of showing up with a live monkey on your shoulder.

We haven't gotten to your sea boots yet, but by now you've probably realized that pirates have got some gems stashed away in their wardrobes which you might not have. So allow yourself plenty of time to check out the local vintage and junk shops and to even go onto EBay or an online costume store. Don't forget that your new look can be recycled, for any fancy costume parties you're invited to, and of course, you can always throw your own 'Talk Like a Pirate' party, anytime you feel inclined.

Enjoy the high seas Captain. Yo ho ho.

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The Coolest Pirate Costume Ever

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This article was published on 2010/03/30