The Charm of Renaissance and Pirate Costumes

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The renaissance period in European history is perfectly exemplified in the clothing that display opulence and grandeur. Clothing for men and women carried exquisite and rich designs, used silks, furs and the richest fabrics from around the world. Italy led the resurgence. The more highly placed a person was, the more opulent was his attire. Women and men vied with one another to display exquisite styles to impress people. The era was characterized by layered clothing, lavish use of brocade, lace and ruffles along with jewels sewn into pattern of the renaissance shirts. The marvelous attention to detail can be seen right from the headgear in the form of jeweled hats to medieval boots from ankle length to full knee length, with folded over styles for an additional dash of style. A renaissance shirt is all about preening yourself, adding glamour and style to your looks.

Renaissance clothing for men was typically characterized by coats designed to give a squarer look to the shoulders in the earlier stages of the period with a more rounded barrel look during the latter part, while a renaissance shirt was opulent with loose fit around the shoulders

Pirates abounded in those times and their adaptation of the clothing style created an entirely new genre of pirate costumes. Pirate dresses reflected the dashing, swashbuckling lifestyle of a group of people devoted to a buccaneering life. Today we associate particular styles of shirts with pirate clothing. Due to their unique style and appeal, pirate costumes has never really gone out of fashion and is quite popular at special themed events and parties, conferring a uniquely distinctive look to the wearer.

Pirate clothing was adapted from clothing designated for seamen. Since pirates plundered and stole fabrics and clothes, their clothing was an eclectic, mis-matched mix of the highly refined with the staidly coarse materials, giving rise to a new style in pirate dresses. Pirate clothing usually comprised of a bandana, a tri-cornered hat, doublets, breeches or trousers, knitted caps, waistcoats, drawers, stocking and shirts. Of all these items, pirate shirts with puffed sleeves are still fancied today, especially for special occasions and events. Hoop earrings, bracelets, chains, pins, braids, sash, ribbons, pirate belts, buckles, wigs and pirate boots completed the ensemble.

If you have a fair idea of what garments were worn during the renaissance period or by pirates and the style, you can shop for and find the right matching ensemble at your local stores or online at great prices.

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Centuries have passed but the charm of renaissance shirts and pirate costumes still endures due to their distinctively attractive style.

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The Charm of Renaissance and Pirate Costumes

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The Charm of Renaissance and Pirate Costumes

This article was published on 2012/01/06