Planning the perfect pirate's party for kids

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Shiver me timbers! Ahoy there me hearty! Scupper me skull-and-crossbones! Kids love the language of good old-fashioned pirates as much as they love the costumes and legends surrounding these enterprising seafarers of the high seas.

So, it's a great idea to hoist up a Jolly Roger Flag and hold a pirate party to capture kids' imaginations in the same way that pirates used to capture ships.

Yellow Moon has a treasure trove of goods which can help you put on a great day for young pirates.

Pirate Invitations & Envelopes are a great way to notify guests of when it's time to drop anchor at your house for a party. The invites feature a skull and crossbones flag and a treasure chest bulging with gold coins.

A Pirate Banner can be displayed indoors or outdoors, fluttering in the summer breeze like a ship's sail; it's a great decoration to get party-goers in the pirate spirit.

Pirate Hanging Decorations can also add a colourful backdrop to your party. These foil streamers have pirate-themed cut-out designs such as a pirate ship and a treasure chest.

It is important for children to dress the part at a pirate's party – a good costume can really separate the real pirates from the land-lubbers. If you are in any doubt about what pirates used to wear then a quick look at the Pirates of The Caribbean films should answer your questions.

Pirate Temporary Tattoos will complement whatever they do choose to wear; the 12 different designs all look great on pirates wearing stripy tops, bandanas and eye patches! They will just need a stuffed parrot perched on their shoulder to complete the look.

Once dressed correctly, little party pirates can have hours of fun with Pirate Blow Bubbles. The bubbles come in a container shaped like a pirate's rum flask!

There are lots of other activities you can organise at a pirate's party. Why not create a map which little pirates have to follow to find little gifts? X could mark the spot leading to a ‘walk the plank' challenge and treasure such as Pirate Foam Stickers and a Paint-Your-Own Pirate Ship Money Box. Guests can take their ‘loot' home in a Pirate Party Bag.

A hard day on the seas means that all pirates appreciate a hearty party meal. There are some great pirate recipes available; the recipe hut website ( has instructions on how to make delicious treats like Peanut Butter Cannonballs, Jolly Polly Banana and Buried Treasure Dessert.
The recipes are simple enough not to leave you all at sea when making them, and are great served on Pirate Plates on a ‘captain's table' with a Pirate Plastic Tablecover.

Alternatively a Pirate Galleon Meal Tray is great for pirates who like to eat their food on the move.

When home time comes, guests might want to bury some treasure to remind them of a happy party. The Treasure Island planting kit lets kids do this as it has the seeds needed to create a pirate's favourite three plants; the Sea Holly, the Money Plant and, best of all, the edible Seamonster Gourd!

Kids can keep an eye on the plants growing as the kits contain a pirate's eye- patch!


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Planning the perfect pirate's party for kids

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This article was published on 2011/05/12