Pirate Clothing Ideas for Themed Events

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To avoid last minute rush for renaissance festival or costume themed party, start thinking and taking ideas for pirate costumes two to three weeks before. In themed festive occasions pirate costumes are famous for a long time but with the recent movies based on pirate’s life have introduced people with new wide array of pirate clothing which has already started creating buzz and opened a door of varieties.

You can acquire a complete pirate outfit by approaching two different ways. The first is to make costume all by you or gather the pieces and parts of costumes from consignment stores or departmental stores or from both. In both places you will find expansive, extravagant or in budget fabrics, clothing and accessories for pirate dresses.

In recent times most people prefer to buy readymade costumes as some don’t enjoy sewing or just don’t have time to sew and there are different varieties of costumes and accessories to purchase for making an overall outfit. For realistic approach in your character, apply make-up and hair products like wig, beads etc. Another thing to consider is – what pirate look you are actually wanted to portray? Is it historical or direct from the fictional characters of books or movies?

Men have lots of choices when it come to enact like a pirate and the most famous character they would like to portray is of Captains Jack Sparrow, a fictional movie character based on life of Caribbean Pirates. There are other pirates also and they were really ruthless. What about Barbarossa brother, Captain Bully Hayes or Captain John Calles. There are many more to complete this list. So sleep into men’s pirate costume alongwith a bottle of rum in one hand compass in another and get ready for oceanic exploration.

Unlike the famous perception of people that piracy was male dominated, many women’s were too had taken this profession by their will or forced into this due to miserable living conditions. Anne Bonney, Mary Read and Grace O’Malley are a few to name who were famous. So, ladies are you ready to get into female pirate costume for a lot excitement and to bring out your hidden Anne Bonney or Alvilda in you for conquering seven seas.

Let us discuss about the basic costumes of pirates. Loose fitting full sleeves or no sleeves shirts with baggy dark pants having a cut below knee are a perfect pirate costume for men. It will be amazing if you have white shirt and black pant or both have dark shade otherwise any color will be Ok if they complement the whole appearance. For women, a white button-up shirt but must be baggy and peasant type skirt are what you need. It will be added advantage if you are able to find ruffle shirt and for skirt, you can opt for any length depending upon your choice and age.

If you are finished with basic costumes ideas, now it’s time to move on to some pirate accessories. When you look for boots give preference to higher one for instance thigh high pirate boots or knee high pirate boots. Aside from boots - hat, sash bandana, eye patch, flashy golden jewelry, rope and most importantly sword and shields are the things that we need.

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Pirate Clothing Ideas for Themed Events

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This article was published on 2012/01/12