How to Select Pirate Costumes for Events

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Let us have some pirate adventure in upcoming fests. Be ready for the renaissance festivals and other themed events. Flaunt the rustic and raw pirate appearance in pirate themed parties. Start gathering your pirate costumes in 2-3 weeks in advance to refrain from eleventh hour mess. Don’t get confused while ordering for pirate attire. Make clear cut images of costumes you need for the event, consider what kind of appeal you want in look – frightening, humorous or dashing and choose the costume accordingly.You will not find difficulty in searching countless array of pirate clothing.

How will you start to pick pirate attire? To make selection easier for you we have come up with some ideas on selection procedure of outfits, just go through it.

Shirt or Blouse: We will start with a shirt. Take a pirate shirt in white or natural color. There is no compulsion of choosing shirts in only these two colors, others colors like black, brown and red are popular too.. Here goes the same criteria for pirate blouse, however remember your shirt or blouse must be little loose in fit for proper pirate appearance. Loose fit shirt with dropping shoulder, frill designs, big cuffs and ruffles will suit most.

Coat or Vest: For, vest anything in plain will work, but for more grooving look make mind for thigh length or below waist length vest. It would be a wonderful if your vest has fancier look with ornate like antiques of buttons in front. Norm for the coat is same as vest. Corset like vest with drawstring will also work.

Pirate Pants and Skirts: like pirate shirts, pirate pants must be ill fitted in other words loose fit to achieve right look. Laced long pants with narrow or loose ends or broad ends will work. As far as color is concerned, most people say color must match with your vest but that is not necessary. Pirate pants in any color are acceptable because pirates themselves didn’t have any particular dressing style. Therefore go for the baggy pants preferably made of cotton.

Ladies if you are considering of wearing skirt instead of pants then floor length pirate skirts will be apt otherwise skirts of knee length or below will also go well. Infact skirts will provide you more options than pants.

Pirate Boots: thinking of dressing likes a pirate and that too without boots – this is incomplete version of pirate dressing. Yes, it is a fact when pirate were on deck or fighting they didn’t use boots or shoes but when they were on land boots were one of their inseparable part of costume. So buy a pair of black or brown leather or leather looking pirate boots.

Head wears: Pirate hats are much famous now. Buy tattered or swashbuckler pirate hat. Three corner hats are rather more popular. Bandana is another option to cover head, wrap bandana around head in pirate style and see the effect.

Pirate were treasure hunters so they loved to flaunt the valuable accessories they had, so wear some jewelries around neck, earrings on ears and even you can decorate your costume using costly looking ornate.

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How to Select Pirate Costumes for Events

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This article was published on 2012/02/04