How To Organise A Pirate Party

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Ahoy, me Hearties! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, we are headed off to plan a Pirate Party! With all of the pirate decorations and party supplies available, we are sure to have a swashbuckling good time! So grab your cutlass, this means a trip down to Davy Jones' Locker.
Pirates can be fun, or they can be scary. How you decorate should depend on your guest list. Are you inviting young children who will be frightened of the more gruesome decorations? Or is your guest list hearty enough to handle a party worthy of the title "scourge of the seven seas"?
For the perfect pirate party you will need to:
Create invitations with a pirate treasure map on one side, and your party details on the other. Roll the invitations and tie with thin cord, then mail in a mailing tube.
Start by decorating your home with a nautical motif. Fishing nets, crabs, lobsters, fish, and ships will all fit the mood.
Hoist a Jolly Roger flag in a strategic place, such as your entryway or in the buffet area.
The first step to a rollicking pirate party is making sure everyone dresses up. People need some time to come up with creative costumes, so you have to give them the idea early. You can start sending out costume tips via email and facebook several weeks ahead of time so they know you are serious.
The next step is pirate music. You want to involve all the senses in the party atmosphere. That means you need some pirate music playing in the background.

1. Blow The Man Down - Seadogs
2. My Son John - John C. Reilly
3. Nelson's Blood - Seadogs
4. Bulljine - Seadogs
5. Blood Red Roses - Liam Clancy
6. The Rakes of Kildare - Toucan Pirates
7. What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor - Seadogs
8. Captain Kidd - Great Big Sea
9. Scolding Wife - Great Big Sea
10. Jack a Tar - Toucan Pirates


Walk the Plank - Blindfold your guests and have them walk across a long 2 x 4 plank. The later in the evening you play this the funnier it should be, especially after a little Planters Punch. Give out prizes for the players who can walk the plank without falling off.

Organize a Treasure Hunt - Give all guests a series of clues that will lead to a supply of treasure maps. Make the treasure maps lead to the buried treasure which could be anything your budget allows, including gold-foil chocolate coins, bottles of rum, theater tickets, etc.

Show Pirates on the Big Screen - In one of your party rooms play pirate movies, such as The Pirates of Penzance or Pirates of the Caribbean.
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How To Organise A Pirate Party

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This article was published on 2010/09/25